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dan peterson

“Be a Blessing” is critically acclaimed jazz guitarist, Dan Peterson’s heartfelt work of beautiful, poignant and impassioned compositions written during the difficult period in which his wife awaited a double lung transplant.  Ann Peterson, who passed away in 2009 waited nearly three years for organs that never became available. 


 Since that time, guitarist Peterson has become an outspoken voice to increase awareness of the need for organ donor registration. The title “Be a Blessing” has a dual meaning Peterson explains, “We were fortunate to have so many people in our life that were a blessing in so many ways. These great people, friends and strangers alike deļ¬ned a type of person and attitude I felt should be recognized and celebrated."

"I also wanted to take what I’ve learned from my experiences and express that in my music in an effort to encourage and uplift others who might be going through some difficult times of their own. At the very least, if I can make an hour of someone’s day a little better, raise their spirits or give them a peaceful moment while they listen to my music then that goal has been reached. If you’re going through some health issues or other pain, I hope this music soothes and inspires you. It was truly written for you. My experience, although difficult and not with the outcome we had hoped for, has increased my faith in God and reaffirmed my trust in Him. I wanted to share that faith in hopes that you are also strengthened by it. I also wanted to send a musical message of hope from someone who’s been there. In Faith, there is no hopeless end where there is endless hope."

The second meaning of the title “Be A Blessing” has a much more immediate and urgent message. Currently,  more than, 115,000 people in the U.S. alone are on waiting lists for a life-altering or life-saving organ transplant. In 2011 6000 people died while waiting and 28535 people received organs and a new chance at life. Every day, approximately 132 people are added to the waiting list and 18 to 20 people die in the U.S. alone each day. Worldwide need is obviously greater. A single donor can save or enhance the lives of up to 50 people. Receiving an organ transplant extends the recipients life by 20 to 30 years on average. It costs the donor nothing but a few minutes to register, which can be done usually through your driver license facility or through this link.  http://www.donatelife.net  

Also see : United Network for Organ Sharing through this link: http://www.unos.org 


Special note to my guitar friends: There are approximately 20 million guitarists in the U.S. Think of the difference we alone can make.